Brett’s Projects

Brett has been a Director of the Lakeside Rooms at Robina on Queensland’s Gold Coast for nearly ten years. Lakeside Rooms is the first multidisciplinary group private practice for mental health professionals on the Gold Coast.

Co-Developer of the SlimMinds Shape Change Program

Co-Developer of the Tapping Away Food Craving Program

Was the therapist for all the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Psycho-education groups in the


SlimMinds is a business founded by Terri Sheldon and her colleague Dr Peta Stapleton. Brett is a co-director and co-developer of the SlimMinds® business and Program. The SlimMinds® Program is suitable for everyone who wants change their body shape and size, their life shape and their self image by using their MIND. The Program focuses on teaching psychological techniques to manage emotions, emotional eating, food cravings, while increasing motivation to exercise and help people achieve their goals. It is not suitable for people suffering with Anorexia Nervosa.

You can find out much more about SlimMinds through the website at EFT Workshops Information Website

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EFT Program

Brett has trained as an EFT Practitioner and provides training workshops for clients and professionals who wish to learn the practice of EFT to benefit themselves and others. Brett co-facilitates EFT workshops with his colleagues Dr Peta Stapleton and Terri Sheldon.

What is EFT? EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is commonly referred to as “Tapping”.

To us, EFT is a technique of awareness and insight without judgement. EFT helps you to privately and safely discover the personal truths about your discomforts or about the changes you want in your life. As if it were aligning all the aspects of the mind and physical body, EFT forges a singular awareness and a powerful purpose to get the personal differences people want. EFT can be used on Every Feeling Thing; emotional or physical, specific or general, past present or future.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Food Cravings Research

In 2008 Dr Peta Stapleton and Terri Sheldon conducted a research study in conjunction with Griffith University School of Medicine Logan Campus in Queensland Australia. The research was based on a grant received from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (USA). The study was designed to investigate whether food cravings play a role in the field of weight loss and if willpower over food cravings is important in weight loss. A Randomised Clinical Trial investigating the effectiveness of The Emotional Freedom Technique versus a waitlist was undertaken for food cravings. Brett conducted the more than 60 EFT and Psycho-education sessions for the participants who attended the group based study over a 4 week duration. The Program taught participants how to use EFT and how to apply it to their food cravings.

Summary of the results as follows:

A Randomised Clinical Trial of a Meridian-Based Intervention for Food Cravings: Six Month Follow-up of Treatment versus Waitlist
A study conducted at Griffith University in Australia by a team led by Psychologists Peta Stapleton, PhD and Terri Sheldon, examined the effectiveness of EFT for food cravings. The active treatment group received EFT and consisted of 96 overweight or obese adults and were compared to a matched waitlist of 47 adults (group that received no treatment for the same period of time as the treatment offered). The treatment group received two hours of EFT for four weeks. Food craving, perceived power of food, restraint capabilities and psychological symptoms as well as weight measurements were assessed pre-, post- and 6-months after the treatment program.

At post-test, ANOVAs revealed the EFT treatment resulted in significant decreases in all scales except restraint (p<0.05). Restraint capabilities had a delayed effect, however, with mean differences reaching significance after 6-months. The significant effects were also maintained at 6-months for all other scales. There was no difference in weight or body mass index across all time points, but may with longer treatment programs. These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that EFT can have an immediate effect on reducing food cravings and can result in maintaining reduced cravings over time. The addition of EFT as a psychological intervention to a weight loss/dietary program may result in assisting people to achieve and maintain reduced food cravings.