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Welcome to Brett Porter’s website

Brett is a therapist and business consultant who has 32 years experience working in Government and corporate agencies including 25 years as a national park ranger in Queensland, Australia.

After more than a decade of field and research postings, Brett was able to focus on his special interest areas of interpersonal communication in the workplace, people management, critical incident management, problem solving, conflict resolution and systems development.

In 2005 Brett resigned from the Queensland Parks Service to help develop the SlimMinds® shape-change (weight loss) system with psychologists Dr Peta Stapleton and Terri Sheldon and to build his own therapy business.  In Brett’s private practice he works with people of all ages; individually, in couples’ relationships, in businesses and conducts group training programs.  Typically Brett’s clients are people who are realizing that they want something to be different in their life, including teenagers and young adults who are discovering their big changes and challenges.

Brett has served as board member of the Eating Disorders Association of Queensland and is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and the Emotional Freedom Technique.

This website is being developed and will continue to have information added to it about his private practice, and stories of some of his experiences in wild places.

For more information about making an appointment with Brett please send an email to brett@brettporter.com.au